What causes the skin discoloration on the cheeks/cheekbone area?

Discoloration of the skin and cheekbone area can be caused by an abundance of things. If it’s more of a rosy, flushed discoloration, more than likely you are suffering from an ailment called rosacea. Sometimes when you have rosacea, it’s paired with an acne-like rash that makes your cheeks constantly have a splotchy “sunburn” look, which can be uncomfortable, and if the case is severe enough, rather unsightly. The exact cause of rosacea is still unknown, but there is a lot of evidence suggesting that it might be hereditary. Although rosacea cannot be completely cured, there are a lot of medications that will treat your flare ups and also prevent new ones from happening. Another reason you may have discoloration in your cheek area could be the restriction of blood vessels, which could happen for a number of reasons. Smoking is one of them, and also try to be conscious of the way your head is laying on your pillow when you sleep. Silly as it sounds, when you are laying in an awkward position for 8 hours a night, that could actually have a lot to do with why your cheeks might be discolored.

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